The Best Tasting Malbec Wines


French Wine from the Argentinean Region – Best Malbec Wine From Argentina

best malbec wines from argentina

When looking for the best Malbec wine, there is nowhere else to search but Argentina. Although the Malbec grapes came from the French, the production of this particular type of wine has been a major business in Argentina. Best malbec wines from Argentina – Aside from the traditional fruity aromas of most wines, the Malbec wine is a fusion of the following aromas: cherry, plums, blackberries and chocolate.

Upon first glance, you may notice that it has a darker shade – almost ink black in color – rather than the conventional velvety red shade of wine. It has high tannin content and has a rather distinct acidic taste.

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Best Malbec Wines from Argentina

This particular type of wine may not be as popular as most other wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay but they are slowly and steadily gaining much popularity in the market. This new found popularity is mostly due to the fact that wine drinkers are looking for new and fresh flavors and the best Malbec wine has successfully satisfied that curiosity.

On the first sip, you can taste the fusion of the acidity and tannin levels playing on your palette. There is a minor difference in terms of the tannin content with the French Bordeaux blend and the Argentinean blend; the latter having a much “softer” tannin taste. Aside from the tannins and acidity, you may also taste a fusion of earthy flavors, chocolate, plum, berries and black pepper.

Due to the crisp acidity of the Malbec wine, it is best to pair it up with food types that also have a distinct flavor such as Spanish, Mexican or Middle Eastern cuisine. This ensures that the food flavors are not over shadowed or drowned by the acidic character of the wine.

Although the Malbec grape is one of the big six grape wines, it sensitivity to the climate of the European country has made it difficult to produce such products. Although there are still quite a few that manage to produce the wine, most of the wines produced come from Argentina. Like most grape wines, the region and the soil where the grapes are grown play a contributing factor to how it eventually tastes. In Argentina, most wine experts comment that the wine “comes into its own” when grown in these soils.

So if you intend to taste the variety of wines in order to determine the best wine try a glass from the French and the other from Argentina. Basically, it still boils down to preference and taste. For some, the acidity can be a lot to handle; while others are sensitive to the tannin influence over the wine. In terms of shelf life, the Malbec wine originating from Argentina outlasts the ones originating from France.

The best malbec wines from Argentina provides a thick and luscious texture with a balanced acidity once you take that first sip. The right age of the wine would taste sweet and fruity while the younger and immature wines are more “green” and provide flavors closer to anise and plum rather than berries, and chocolate.