San Lucas Malbec Reserva 2010


San Lucas Malbec Reserva 2010; the perfect drink for your leisure time

San Lucas Malbec Reserva 2010History and composition

The Malbec wines are brought to us from a very ancient winery in Argentina. There is a tone of expertise that goes into making these wines and there are no other wineries that can produce a wine that is even parallel to the wine from this winery. The San Lucas Malbec Reserva 2010 is something your senses must definitely feast upon. This wine is a shot full to the brim with blackberries and chocolate, a perfect combination for a pleasant evening. This wine is originated from the estate of Pascual Toso. They have been in the wine business since the 1890s and they have adequate knowledge about all the do’s and don’ts in the wine business. But their quality reached new heights of excellence when two master minds in the food industry came together to work on this particular Malbec wine. Paul Hobbs a legend in the food industry in Napa came to Argentina attracted by the wines and their richness to work with the chief wine maker Ronaldo Lippino. When the two legends combined their ideas, they brought to us a wine that is too hard for our senses to forget.

What experience will you feast your senses on?

This red wine is the perfect wine for all occasions. It is neither too intoxicating nor it is too mild; it is the perfect clash of flavours for a very rich and memorable experience. The blackberries and chocolate form the perfect lava that boils down to a very tingling experience in the very end, something that will make you go for a sip of this delicious red wine again and again.

San Lucas Malbec Reserva 2010 Wine Review

Both chocolate and blackberries are used for causal and formal settings. Similarly this particular wine is used for casual and formal instances too. Where ever you use the San Lucas Malbec Reserva 2010, you will most definitely not be disappointed. It will without a doubt lift every body’s spirit and leave the atmosphere cheerier than ever. This is the bottle of red wine that will go with any meat dish on the table. If you are having a simple grilling party or a get together with a barbeque as your main course then this wine will do the trick for you. Serving your meat with this particular wine will be an excellent idea.

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