Pont du Diable Malbec 2011


Pont du Diable Malbec 2011- Irresistible in taste

Pont du Diable Malbec 2011The wines from Argentina have found themselves a huge market because they are just that good. With a taste that knows no parallel, the wines from the South of France have reigned as champions in taste and form. The Pont du Diable Malbec 2011 is another new exciting variety of the same wine makers. Rich in taste, color and aroma this wine has surely found its way into the houses of all notable wine lovers. This wine has been brought to us by the expert mind of Damien Sartori who has been working with some of the other notable and great wine makers. He has used all the right elements to bring us a thrilling ride that we just cannot resist taking.

Where does the wine come from?

The fruits for this wine are selected from a region known as the Comte Tolosan land locked by Spain in the south and the Bordeaux in the North. The limestone in the soil helps to ensure that the wine is filled with rich and lush aromas that are just irresistible in all manners and sense. The region has chilly winters and hot summers aided by the rich in mineral waters from the Lot river all contributing to the taste of this commendable wine.

Pont du Diable Malbec 2011 Wine Review

The word Pont du Diable Malbec 2011 translates into the devil’s bridge and its name is inspired from an ancient myth that has been related to people for centuries. In the 14th century, the Pont Valentre was taking so long to reach completion that the chief of the stone masons was rumored to have been coerced into a deal with the devil to ensure that the building did complete for real. About five centuries later, a couple of masons avenged the chief stone mason by making the sculpture of the devil who tricked him and thereby believing that they have now trapped that devil.  This sculpture was made in one of the towers of the bridge. It is dubbed as the devil bridge because it has been tamed for years and years; only then has the rich color infused out of the fruits and into the irresistible wine. Twenty percent of the wine is aged in oak barrels which gives the wine the extra depth that has made it so memorable for everybody who takes one sip of it.


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