Michells Pass Malbec 2011


Michell’s Pass Malbec

Michells Pass Malbec 2011 Wine ReviewMalbec is genuinely from Argentina, but the Michell’s Pass Malbec comes from South Africa and it is a different version of the Malbec wine. This one has a very berry-rich uniqueness to its taste.

Properties and Origin

This award winning wine is a dry, red, full-bodied wine. It is originally from South Africa and comes from the Western Cape region. The wine was brewed in the Cape’s oldest wineries in the Spier Estate in the region of Stellenbosch. This region has turned into a village of tourists due to the winery and they even make their own bricks to build their building and winery. The vintage is from 2011 and it has a concentration of 15% alcohol. The red wine has a full rich body which allows the drinker to enjoy the entire experience through every single tasting.

Michells Pass Malbec 2011 Wine Review

These dedicated people from South Africa which have even developed a village around a winery have managed to create an award winning wine, the Michell’s Pass Malbec, which has won the gold medal in 2010 at the Decanter World Wine Awards. The unique flavour of berries, spicy tobacco and red cherries has earned this wine a name and an award fit for its quality. Due to its history and origin and due to its awards and uniqueness, this wine has a price which is affordable to anyone. The bottles can be bought in singular or in bulk from less than 16 dollars a bottle and even less if you buy more than 6 bottles. This wine is best enjoyed around a Christmas table due to its cherry and tobacco flavours.

To sum up, the Michell’s Pass Malbec 2011is a wine which is extremely affordable considering its colourful origins and history and due to its award winning palette. This red full-bodied wine is envisioned and enjoyed best at a full Christmas dinner when its tobacco flavoured palette is most enjoyable. So, when you want to buy a wine that has all the qualities you are looking for in a wine i.e. award winning flavour, a rich full body, a history worthy of repeating around a Christmas table, a wine so unique in taste and origin then you have to choose this wine from the Malbec collection because it is not just a string of qualities but it is also affordable for anyone who wants to enjoy it.

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