Hacienda San Martin Malbec Bonarda 2011


The Hacienda San Martin Malbec Bonarda – A perfect feast for all times

Hacienda San Martin Malbec Bonarda 2011History of this great feast

The Hacienda San Martin Malbec Bonarda 2011 is an experience that you should never risk missing. The Mendoza’s mountain all covered in snow provide shelter for person who crafts one of the best wines in the history of wines. The wine maker legend and the man behind multiple honour awards like the Best in Class at the international wine and spirit competition in 2011, Steve McEwen hides away in these mountains and crafts one of the best experiences that man will take on earth. His innovations in this regard seriously know no bounds and the Argentinean red is one of his latest innovations.

Hacienda San Martin Malbec Bonarda 2011 Wine Review

One of a kind, it is a powerful fusion of two supremely great tastes. The coupled effect of Malbec and the Bonarda is a rich and intriguing taste promising to entice and tingle all of your senses. The Bonarda 55% in concentration takes the more prominent place leaving the Malbec to spark up the background taste. The beauty of this wine lies in the mesmerizing composition where it is seen that for sure two great things fused together will only pave the way for a grater and richer experience. The Bonarda brings with it the taste of dark black cherries, rich and plum along with the chocolate flavour. The Malbec on the other hand brings in its trademark flavours of ripened raspberries and its natural smoothness which leaves the throat tingling with the aftermath of the experience. The blend of the two supremacies was aged in white oak so that it could acquire the natural earthly taste that just about makes the bend perfect in all aspects of colour, taste and aroma. This full bodied wine is of the dry type variety and comes packed with 13.5% alcohol.

How to gain the best experience out of it?

For the best possible experience out of the Hacienda San Martin Malbec Bonarda 2011, you only need this wine, a bunch of ice cubes and a glass. You can enjoy this wine just like that or you can pour it out at a steak party. Pasta seems perfect with the wine too. Sip the red wine with some of the most famous Italian dishes like the Bolognese, spaghettis and osso buco and you will be guaranteed a meal that will be too hard for you to forget.

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