Ascencion Malbec the vintage wine from Argentina


Ascencion Malbec, the vintage wine from Argentina

Ascencion Malbec wine ArgentinaHistory and composition

When it comes to the delicious red wines, the Malbec wines are probably the finest wines on the market today. First of all, these wines are made by one of the oldest winery in Argentina.  The world-known Malbec grapes are grown in one of the highest vineyards in Argentina. These grapes have a very deep color and an incredibly rich aroma. And as for one of the best Malbec wines, the Ascencion Malbec, it has the same deep color and aroma as these high-quality grapes have.  That’s why this wine is so delicious, bright, and tasty. All Malbec grapes are handpicked with an incredible care. The wine itself is fermented at very low temperatures. It has a distinctive aroma and no aftertaste at all.


The notes of vanilla and spice are another distinctive feature of the incredibly delicious Ascencion Malbec. However, the most prominent feature of all the Malbec wines is definitely their deep purple color. That’s what makes these wines a calling card of Argentina. If you enjoy the red wines made of the most aromatic black fruits, you simply must try the Malbecs.  The barrel-aged wines are a top choice for any fan of the delicious drinks. They are very elegant, delicious, and not overly concentrated.

How and where to use

The full-bodied red Malbec wines are a perfect match for any meat dish. They have an excellent quality, and not too expensive. If you are going to have a barbeque party, these wines are an evident choice for you. A rich taste of these dry red wines feels especially smooth when they are paired with steak or beef. The almost black Malbec wines are a nice addition to a romantic dinner, too.

Ascencion Malbec is one of the most elegant wines produced in Argentina. This fresh wine has a very rich taste of black pepper, liquorice, ripe blackberries, and even exotic spices.  The alcohol level of this wine is not too high, and the wine itself is not too overpowering. That’s why it is so good for romantic dinners, BBQ parties, and family holidays. If you are shopping for inexpensive yet delicious red wines, this wine is a very decent option. It has its own obvious advantages, and especially when compared to other dry wines produced outside of Argentina. But what really make this wine so unforgettable are its most beautiful aroma and taste.

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