Alambrado Malbec the most delicious wine with no aftertaste


Alambrado Malbec, the most delicious wine with no aftertaste

IntroductionAlambrado MalbecAn exceptionally delicious red wine, Alambrado Malbec is smooth and pleasant as a glass of deep purple wine can be.   This wine is ideal with such food pairings as classic lasagna, steak, beef, or pasta. If you want to try some new great wines, this Malbec is an ideal choice for you. Originating from Mendoza, Argentina, this wine is as colorful as the bright sky. Whether you have already tasted the Malbec wines or not, you will definitely fall in love with what they have to offer.

Color and taste

The inky color of the grapes is a trademark of all the Malbec wines. Alambrado Malbec is not an exception here. The wine has the same dark color as all other Malbecs do. But still, this wine has something special about it. It has a long finish, but no after taste. The blend of grapes and blackberry is more than satisfying and not overpowering at all.  The taste of this wine is unforgettable. It goes very smooth even without any food, but you may want to taste with some traditional Italian dish.


This wine is perfect for all the fans of dry red wines. It has an aroma of dark grapes, tobacco leaves, and even chocolate. It does not contain too much alcohol (only 13.5%), and this is why it tastes so nicely with the Italian food. Of all other full-bodied Malbec wines, this one has a deep finish. The deep red Malbec has the most beautiful color. It is a pleasure to drink this wine, and it is a pleasure to watch it while drinking it. One of the most enjoyable Malbecs, it has the fruity aroma of dark cherries.

Cost and additional features

Alambrado Malbec is a good choice for any romantic dinner. It is also a good option for family holidays. While this wine is made of the dark grapes, the Malbec, the aroma and the tannins of these grapes are not so evident. They blend ideally with all other components of this delicious red wine. The soft blend of this wine is very light. However, one of the main advantages of this pleasant wine is that it is relatively inexpensive. $15 per bottle is not too much for this delicious, bright, and incredibly tasty red wine. Hence, if you are planning to buy a bottle of very good wine, this wine is a great option for you.


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