Alambrado Malbec Tempranillo 2010


Alambrado Malbec/Tempranillo 2010

The Malbec Argentinean wines seriously know no parallel. The Malbec has no parallel because of its stunning taste, aroma and colors. It has a smoothness that other wines cannot even think about achieving. There is another wine around that is amazing in all of these qualities and has a very prominent presence in the wine industry. In the Mondoza region, the well known Zuccardi family has brought to life the idea of fusing together the two well known wines; the Malbec and the Tempranillo. The Alambrado Malbec Tempranillo 2010 is a Spanish superstar. With two superstars fusing together, the world seriously could not have asked for a more delicious wine. The Argentinean flavours fuse well the trademarked Spanish flavours and bring to life an experience that is really hard to miss or ignore.

Alambrado Malbec Tempranillo 2010Wine Review – The Alambrado Malbec/Tempranillo 2010 was given special attention and consideration at the 2010 Decanter World Wine Awards. It became a prominent feature there because of its excellent aroma, the fresh and spicy tinge of fruits and spices and the taste that it leaves for long after one has sipped the wine. In Argentina, this drink is chilled and then served with a plate of fresh, sizzling and juicy steak that is grilled to perfection. The Zuccardi family itself is quite good at grilling meat so if you will ever visit their estate, you can be sure that they will serve you with wine and grilled steak.


The Alambrado Malbec/Tempranillo 2010 gives off an aroma that is white washed in ripe plums and red berries that are tinged with spices. If you lay down all the flavours that you will surely have the time to feast upon on a plate then you will get a range of flavours; the ripe and intensely rich strawberries and cherries and a dash of spice and vanilla. It is a red blend and a dry red type. It is composed of almost 13.5% alcohol.

You can serve this amazing drink with a variety of food in a variety of settings. The amazing taste of these wines makes them a much suitable choice for a light casual and a formal evening.  You can open up a bottle of this wine for almost any kind of setting that you like and then let yourself relish in the supremacy of the amazing flavours. Chilling it with a few ice cubes will do the trick too.


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