The Waxed Bat Reserve Cabernet Malbec 2010 Argentina


The Waxed Bat Reserve Cabernet Malbec 2010 Argentina Mendoza

The Waxed Bat Reserve Cabernet Malbec 2010The Waxed Bat Reserve Cabernet Malbec 2010

Once upon a time a great wine maker Opi Sadler set out to make a sensation which he named the waxed bat. The waxed bat was a wine that had won the hearts of millions around the globes. It became one of those wines that people would go forward without thinking twice and notable people and non notable alike wanted to have one of those with them at all times. The success of his waxed bat was so staggering that he got on to the task of putting together another wine that would help him continue his legacy; The Waxed Bat Reserve Cabernet Malbec 2010 is the big brother to the wax bat. And just as he had hoped, this new wine from him has won just as many awards and a round of applause as his younger brother the waxed bat. At the world’s largest wine competition the Mundus Vini 2011, the big brother was able to bag the gold medal. See how successful these wines actually are. The man behind them is truly a wine genius.

The fruits that are used for making this wine are picked and selected by expert hands, only the best of the best go into making the wine. The richest cabernet sauvignon and the Malbecs are all from his personal vineyard. The juice is made sure to be concentrated to the highest degree and then for almost a year, the blend of juices is aged in oak. The oak barrels or containers help to add amazing taste and a deep color to the blend.

What does The Waxed Bat Reserve Cabernet Malbec 2010 look like?
The color of this wine is deep red, not only amazing to drink and sip but also truly amazing to look at. All of the scents and aromas are in perfect harmony and blend together more perfectly. The taste if separated out seem to originate from blackberries and plums that have been given plenty of time to get ripe and juicy add to that the vanilla essence and smoky feature all contributed thanks to the oak barrel. It just produces the most perfect blend in one’s mouth. The natural flavours coupled together with the earthly flavours produce an award winning wine that is just too hard to resist even for people who go a little light on wine.

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